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Dynamic braking is the use of the electric traction motors of a vehicle as generators when slowing. It is termed rheostatic if the generated electrical power is dissipated as heat in brake grid resistors, and regenerative if the power is returned to the supply line. Dynamic braking lowers the wear of friction-based braking components, and additionally regeneration reduces energy consumption.



The dynamic braking resistor are widely used in load bank, wind power generator, Solar power generator, motor control, rail traction..... Ohmalloy have 15 years in developing the alloy for the dynamic braking usage.


Ohmalloy 125

Ohmalloy 128

Ohmalloy 104A

Ohmalloy 135

The above four grade material can be made into strip and wire, these material have stable resistivity and can make the dynamic braking resistor more efficiently.


Ohmalloy also have custom sized alloy strip. We can develop and will try to meet all resistor manufacture who have speical requirement on it. 

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