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An Introduction to The FeCrAl( 0Cr21Al6Nb) Resistance Alloy
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The FeCrAl( 0Cr21Al6Nb) resistance alloy,With the characteristics of high resistance, low coefficient of electric resistance, high operating temperature, good corrosion resistance under high temperature, it is widely used in industrial electric furnace, household electrical appliance and far infrared ray device. Industrial heating equipment and civil heating equipment for metallurgical machinery, medical, chemical, ceramics, electronics, electrical appliances, glass, etc.

Chemical Content(%)

0.050.0250.0250.70Max 0.621.0~23.0Max 0.605.0~7.0Bal.Nb 0.5

Mechanical Properties

Max Continuous Service Temp1350℃
Resisivity at 20℃1.42 ohm mm2/m
Density7.1 g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity46.1 KJ/m·h·℃
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion16.0×10-6/℃
Melting Point1510℃
Tensile Strength637~784 Mpa
ElongationMin 12%
Section Variation Shrink Rate65~75%
Repeatedly Bend FrequencyMin 5 times
Continuous Service Time-
Micrographic StructureFerrite
Magnetic PropertyMagnetic

Temperature Factor of Electrical Resistivity



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