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NiCr8020 ribbon exported to Bangladesh for R&D of new product
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On January 11th, 2019, morn than 5 kgs of NiCr8020 ribbon ordered by Applied Science & Technology Instrument Company from Bangladesh have been delivered. They ordered two sizes for R&D of their new product: mika sheet hotplate. It should load 400 Centigrade 12 hours per day and can be continuously running for 15 days.

Another important factor for their products is resistance per meter. The resistance of different material is related to the chemical composition of material and environmental temperature. However, the resistance per meter of each batch of material is different, but it fluctuates within a certain range. Our national standard tolerance range of wire is 5%. So they order two size: 2mm*0.2mm and 2mm*0.17mm when they knew the performance, feature and tolerance.

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