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    Thermal Spray wire

    Thermal spraying techniques are coating processes in which melted (or heated) materials are sprayed onto a 

    surface.The "feedstock" (coating precursor) is heated by electrical (plasma or arc) or chemical means (combustion

     flame).Thermal spraying can provide thick coatings (approx. thickness range is 20 micrometers to several mm, 

    depending on the process and feedstock), over a large area at high deposition rate as compared to other coating 

    processes such aselectroplating, physical and chemical vapor deposition. Coating materials available for thermal spraying 

    include metals,alloys, ceramics, plastics and composites. They are fed in powder or wire form, heated to a molten

     or semimolten state and accelerated towards substrates in the form of micrometer-size particles. 

    Combustion or electrical arc discharge is usually used as the source of energy for thermal spraying. Resulting coatings 

    are made by the accumulation of numerous sprayed particles. The surface may not heat up significantly, allowing the

     coating of flammable substances.

    Coating quality is usually assessed by measuring its porosity, oxide content, macro and micro-hardness, 

    bond strength andsurface roughness. Generally, the coating quality increases with increasing particle velocities.

    Several variations of thermal spraying are distinguished:

    Plasma spraying

    Detonation spraying

    Wire arc spraying

    Flame spraying

    High velocity oxy-fuel coating spraying (HVOF)

    Warm spraying

    Cold spraying


    Ohmalloy provide two kinds of thermal spray wire.

    Nickel based alloy wire such as NiAl95/5  and Ferrum based alloy wire such as OCr25Al5

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