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FeCrAl Alloy

FeCrAl Resistance Alloy belongs to electric heating alloy.FeCrAl alloy contains  a large number of chromium and aluminum elements. 

it has excellent high temperature oxidation resistance, its temperature can reach 1400 degrees Celsius.

FeCrAl Heating alloy has also joined the rare earth elements, changing the composition of the oxide film, the organizational structure 

 and improving the strength and ductility of the oxide film,the increase in density and adhesion, thereby enhancing the antioxidant 

capacity of the alloy, extended heating element life.

It exists in the form of strip,round wire,ribbon wire,sheet,tape, rod and plate.They are mainly used in electric locomotive, diesel 

locomotive, metro vehicle and high speed moving car etc brake system brake resistor,electric ceramic cooktop,industrial furnace.

The alloy is used in electric ceramic cooktop as following:0Cr21Al6,OCr25Al5

Regular size:(0.04mm--0.1mm)*(5mm-12mm)



Low resistance ribbon wire0Cr13Al4, 0Cr21Al4, 0Cr23Al50Cr21Al6OCr25Al5

Regular size(0.2mm--1.5mm)*5mm(within)


Industrial furnace resistance strip:0Cr13Al4, 0Cr21Al6OCr25Al5, 0Cr20Al5, 0Cr23Al5

Regular size(1.5mm--3mm)*(10mm--30mm)


Locomotive resistance strip:0Cr13Al4,1Cr15Al5

Regular size:(0.6mm--1.5mm)*(60mm--90mm)


FeCrAl foil for catalytic converter:0Cr20Al5,0Cr25Al5

Regular size:(0.06mm--0.08mm)*(10mm--30mm) 

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