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NiCr Alloy

Nichrome generally refers to any alloy of nickel, chromium, and often iron and/or other elements or substances. Nichrome alloys

 are typically used in resistance wire. They are also used in some dental restorations (fillings) and in other applications.


Nichrome is used in a very wide variety of devices where electric heating is required.

Almost any conductive wire can be used for heating, but most metals will be rapidly oxidized when heated in air. When heated to

 red hot temperatures, nichrome wire develops an outer layer of chromium oxide, thermo dynamically stable in air, mostly 

impervious to oxygen, and protects the heating element from further oxidation.

Nichrome is used in the explosives and fireworks industry as a bridgewire in electric ignition systems, such as electric matches

and model rocket igniters.

Industrial and hobby hot-wire foam cutters use nichrome wire.

Nichrome wire also is commonly used in ceramic as an internal support structure to help some elements of clay sculptures

 hold their shape while they are still soft. Nichrome wire is used for its ability to withstand the high temperatures that occur when 

clay work is fired in a kiln.

Nichrome wire can be used as an alternative to platinum wire for flame testing by colouring the non-luminous part of a flame

 to detect cations such as sodium, potassium, copper, calcium etc.


Ohmalloy can provide the nichrome alloy in the form of flat wire, round wire, strip, rod and sheet.


The type of alloy                 Description


Ohmalloy 104A (NiCr35/20 )       High-resistivity nickel-chromium alloys for use up to 1150ºC

Ohmalloy 104B (NiCr35/20)       High-resistivity nickel-chromium alloys for use up to 1150ºC


Ohmalloy 109(NiCr80/20)          High-resistivity nickel-chromium alloys for use up to 1200ºC

Ohmalloy 112(NiCr60/15)         High-resistivity nickel-chromium alloys for use up to 1100ºC

Ohmalloy 118(NiCr70/30)         High-resistivity nickel-chromium alloys for use up to 1250ºC



Round wire

 0.010-12 mm
         Other sizes are available on request.

Ribbon (flat wire)

Thickness: 0.023-0.8 mm 

Width: 0.038-6 mm

Width/thickess ratio max 40, depending on alloy and tolerance

Other sizes are available on request.


Thickness: 0.025mm -3mm

Width: 6mm to 300mm

Other sizes are available on request



Other sizes are available on request

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